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Today's businesses face a relentless torrent of both paper and electronic files. Most companies want to simplify how they acquire, manage, and distribute these documents, but solutions can be elusive. How can incoming hard-copy pages be easily converted to electronic data? How can you manage digital archives without disrupting existing workflows? Is there an easy way to provide secure access and distribution?

imageWARE document management solutions help you streamline complex paper processes and create one-touch workflows. With a single button, your employees can now securely convert hard-copy pages into electronic documents and data, store them in an archive, and distribute them automatically to multiple users.

In an era of relentless competition, business leaders look for solutions that simplify and improve critical processes within their infrastructure. Innovative Document Solutions stands ready to offer in-depth knowledge, practical expertise, and field-tested technology when developing solutions for all your document-related challenges.

Whether you're considering hardware, software, or both — Innovative Document Solutions technology specialists can study your environment, consider your objectives, and then prepare a custom technological solution designed to drive your business forward.

Implement One-Touch Workflows

Businesses can now automate manual processes with programmable workflows for scanning, archiving, and distributing invoices, purchase orders, sales receipts, and more. Create one-touch buttons through your imageWare equipped MFP that enables your employees to perform complex tasks much more quickly, especially those unique to your department or organization. The results - Faster processing, fewer errors, and an organization that operates more competitively in its marketplace.

Group multi-step processes into one-touch "smart buttons".

Capture Paper Documents

Need to convert printed materials such as reports, presentations, or invoices into popular digital formats on your PC? imageWARE document management solutions can help. Now you can easily batch scan and transform hard-copy pages into common electronic file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and text. Through advanced automated scanning, you can capture specific document numbers, company names, sender names, and more, then let the system classify, distribute, and archive them automatically.

Transform hard-copy documents into electronic files.

Process Hard-Copy Data Quickly, Automatically

Save time and eliminate the costly errors associated with manual data entry. Now you can batch scan forms and invoices, automatically capturing embedded information and distributing it to multiple destinations including archives and databases. Users can also add relevant contextual information as each document is stored; thereby enabling people to search, manage, and retrieve information quickly at a later date.

Capture specific information that can automatically be archived, distributed or used to set off other processes.

Create Secure, Compliant, Cost-Effective Archives

Say goodbye to hard-copy storage costs by building a central repository for electronic data and documents. View them in more than 130 formats without needing to open any other application. State-of- the-art security features also allow you to more easily comply with company policies and government regulations.

Archive and retrieve documents easily and securely.

Distribute Documents Any Way and Anywhere

The solutions offered by Innovative Document Solutions simplify document distribution with seamless and even automatic workflows. Easily email, fax, and send multiple file formats including encrypted PDFs. Ensure security with tracking, notification, and an audit trail.

Any Image Anywhere

Collaborate Easily Wherever You Work. Innovative Document Solutions understands your needs which allow users to upload, download, annotate, and distribute digital documents securely through a Web browser. Customize the interface and enable access from both internet and extranet connections.
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